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We love to take aerial photography. Over the years you would have to be in a helicopter to achieve the types of photography and videos we offer. We are a family owned business and we love our local community in all of its splendor. With 4k photos and video, we can offer angles and points of view that can not be taken from the ground. 

We started off just flying drones for fun. I originally bought a drone to record disc golf course fly throughs, layouts, and capture our gorgeous North Carolina scenery. That soon grew into a desire to offer better quality aerial pictures than what I was finding online. From real estate and commercial progress to insurance claims. 

  • Real Estate: Are you looking for 4K photos of the property you are trying to sell? With high definition aerial photography, you can capture all angles of the property for your buyers. 

  • Construction Progress: Aerial video can help with site documentation and damage claims. Show clients and stakeholders project progress. Also for litigation case evidence, (hopefully not but it's better to be prepared). 

  • Insurance Claims: Drone's can take photos and videos of damaged property such as trees that have fallen on a roof. There may be structural integrity issues and sending a person up there may not be safe. Let the drone do the job. We can get angles unachievable by ground cameras. 

  • Seasonal Scale Shoreline Erosion: Shorelines are constantly changing. Coastal erosion increases annually. Maintaining this data is crucial for current residents and future construction. Coastal planners can use this data to sustain back-shore property from current and projected increase of erosion hazard.

  • Search and Rescue: Our company is a big believer in keeping families together. We will partner with local law enforcement to aid in missing persons searches. Our drones can fly above and send GPS locations to ground search parties. Aerial views can be very beneficial and cost effective. This helps keep the budget low for tax payers. Most of all, bringing closure to a family. 

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  • Drone Photographs and Video
    1 hr
    150 US dollars
  • Picture and Video Editing
    1 hr
    150 US dollars
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